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Pennslvainyan Hypnocenter is a diy label from southwest PA.Making a Compilation series

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Graphic designer/producer Craig Gillman  Loose Link,
New album now on Illuminated Paths/bandcamp – private
Includes collaboration with Nmesh, Ross Baker, Off Land, Five Minutes Alone, Sy Haze, Sven Meyer And more. Please, Ride The Wave !


International Debris  New London/Worldwide collective concept Music

Winter of the World – Coutie Tree






Noisesurfer “Tales From The Inner City”

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Rising slowly, this album will take you on a journey: starting of the album with a warm field recording the end of the album is blistering Drum & Bass.

Noisesurfer (real name Joaquin) takes you on an adventure of excitement. Pitching together ambient, field recordings, electronica and (as previously mentioned) Drum & Bass the total output of this album warms your soul. Noisesurfer – “Tales From The Inner City” – is a friendly listen with no harsh partings – the only down point is that after the fifty seven minute, 14 track, album you will be sorry to switch off your stereo. There is always the option to put it on repeat :)

Only half way through listening to this album I knew I wanted to release it. Saying that, Noisesurfer’s “Tales From The Inner City” changes directions that many times I felt lost – as if strolling through through the old parts of Moorish Spain, a friendly face at every turn.

The album will soon be available on the major digital stores, meanwhile feel free to download it from this site by adding it to your cart.

This album will be available as a download from most major stores on the eleventh of December 2014 – I will post the links then. Meanwhile you have to trust my shaky tech skills and purchase from this site.

Midnight comp.vol.29

appear every 14-30 days [being part of one (or more) of next compilations various artists? all styles are allowed. 30 tracks per compilation. contact me.
send to: with:

(or other service) or send it via dropbox:

(artist name, track name, website link [infos about you?] ) + song or artist picture, WAV, FLAC, etc. – share this event please.
Midnight Radio compilation various artists, your place for underground music and sounds. come with me. (dark) + ambient|avantgarde|experimental|electronic|and more /midnightradio-compilation is a part of:

Noisesurfer Sounds
Check stream or download special track A rare remix from KLF´s Build a fire song , enjoy!
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Winter Of The WorldThe Few Ups and Many Downs of the 21st Century


Evilone (Remix)

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