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touched 3

28 July 2016

touched 3

Various Artists

Touched Music presents its third and final mega-compilation; featuring over 400 artists who have donated tracks to fundraise for this worthy cause. As with previously released Touched compilations, iconic producers mingle with up-and-coming talent on the tracklist to cover a range of electronic and ambient micro-genres. Contributors to Touched 3 include Amon Tobin, Anders Ilar, Autechre, Bibio, Bola, Brothomstates, 808 State, CJ Bolland, Future Sound Of London, John Tejada, Kid Koala, Mark Broom, Plaid, Proem, Richard Devine ,Cubus,Offland,International Debris,Five Minutes Alone,EpitomeZero , Noisesurfer & Hundred More!!!!!!!!

Macmillan Cancer Support provides a range of vital services to cancer patients and their families. They are 100% funded by charitable donations and receive no financial support from the UK government. They offer everything from advice and help with practical matters like dealing with an employer after diagnosis to nursing support to counselling and information provision. Since it launched just 2.5 years ago, Touched releases have raised over £38,000 for the charity.

“After three years of running Touched, ‘Touched 3’ is the biggest and (I think) the best release to date. I’ve been overwhelmed from the start with the support and kindness of everyone who has contributed, and been touched, by Touched Music. Not only can people feel good from giving to charity, they get a shitload of top tunes — a win-win in my book. Music can make a difference.” Martin Boulton (Touched Music)

It is available to download from Bandcamp and costs a mere £15 (for 417 tracks!), though feel free to pay more if you can as this really is such a worthwhile cause.

Midnight Radio Compilation 69


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